calf sucking balls

calf sucks mans balls and then his cock
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- 2009-08-07 (reply)  first.........oh yeah ths videos fucks bruno's ass and trinidadian people rule
Bella - 2009-08-08 (reply)  SECOND BITCH! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!
hardhorse - 2009-08-08 (reply)  This one hairy fat (and probably ugly) pervert who is a sick individual that needs some serious help. This is how AIDS got started, except it was some nappy-haired villager in the Congo with a monkey.
- 2009-08-08 (reply)  What is up with people and cows now a days? Has anyone seen the other one on here with the guy fucking the cow skull. Fucking NASTY ASS PEOPLE!
Wow - 2009-08-08 (reply)  that got something hard :P; you people can say what you want but I bet if you had some cow munching on your balls and cock like that you wouldn't mind! I know I wouldn't!
Bella - 2009-08-09 (reply)  Ok! This video is absolutely REPULSIVE!!! BUT,....LMMFAO! Funny as Fuck as well!...uh,...Im repenting as soon as i finish LMMFAO!!!! TY for being so HONEST Wow! As for u "hardhorse"...God and the rest
- 2009-08-09 (reply)  thats dangerous... be careful man...
- 2009-08-10 (reply)  makes me wish i was a farmer...
Timebomb Tom - 2009-08-11 (reply)  too bad this calf was not trained by
- 2009-08-11 (reply)  Im hard my girl is wet. .Got anymore?
- 2009-08-11 (reply)  Is there a site for more of these?
- 2009-08-11 (reply)  this dude needs to post more of this shit NOW!!!!!!!
- 2009-08-20 (reply)  Lol you can find lots of stuff like this on that petsex website
- 2009-09-09 (reply)  mmmmmm yes. I'v pumped my cum down many of calves throats.They'll keep on suckin as long as you can stand it.
wow - 2009-09-13 (reply)  SICK!!!!!
Tuka - 2009-09-19 (reply)  As a chicks favorite animal sex toy is a Dog, A mans toy is a Cow
big one - 2009-10-07 (reply)  Where can I watch a calf suck on a really big fat cock?
thick 10 - 2009-10-07 (reply)  I'd love to see if a calf can take mine all the way ... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I would buy the calf and take it home!
- 2009-11-04 (reply)  OH MY GOD YOU KNOW HOW GOOD THAT WOULD FEEL!!!
rob farmboy - 2009-11-21 (reply)  more of these vids pls!!!! i made my cock 1.5 inch bigger so far just from getting it sucked by calfs!!!
tickles - 2009-12-12 (reply)  that is so awesome, love watching him cum at the end!!
zwife - 2009-12-17 (reply)  I WOULD LIKE TO SEE A CALF SUCK A WOMANS TITS
zwife - 2009-12-17 (reply)  I ENJOYED THIS WHEN I WAS YOUNG
kinky - 2010-05-14 (reply)  I was tied uo and suck by a calf along time ago. It was fucking "TORTURE"!
- 2010-05-30 (reply)  that cow sux better than my girlfriend! no teeth !! this calf's a pro!! lol
lardog - 2010-06-13 (reply)  iloveit
lardog - 2010-07-10 (reply)  ilovemovielookgood
Mion Suzamiya - 2010-07-15 (reply)  Ofcourse some white guy would do that wonder the US is screwed.
idontsayno - 2010-09-10 (reply)  mmm, that looked like it would feel so good.
- 2010-10-13 (reply)  sucking balls
paolo112 - 2010-12-09 (reply)  ma non fa male?
jssam - 2010-12-19 (reply)  feels great to have a calf latch onto your balls and not let go
cumslut - 2011-01-06 (reply)  holy fuck this soaked my cunt. Anyone know of any animals that could suck my pussy that well?
hey - 2012-01-20
I will eat your pussy all day and night its what i live for
hey - 2012-01-20
I will eat your pussy all day and night its what i live for
sharmaskumargautam - 2011-03-06 (reply)  i would like to fuck a small tited girl
tailifter - 2011-03-27 (reply)  For over 20 years, I have been letting calfs suck me.many different calfs, they all seemed to enjoy doing it------and so do I .
heiferlust - 2011-04-03 (reply)  hey bro i love getting sucked dry by a calf. we should get together
bobdog - 2011-04-30 (reply)  Years ago I had a calf who would suck my dick anytime I came out to the barn and unzipped my fly. You have never had such a blowjob in your life. I never thought about her sucking my balls tho. I surely wish I had ole Cranberry here now. She must have sucked me off a couple hundred times. Damn she was good. Hell, it never took more than a half minute or so. It's really hard to find this .
cowboyj - 2011-06-15 (reply)   man!
- 2011-06-16 (reply)  oh man! got 2 calves born in jan. , 1 bull , 1 heifer , and 1 heifer born late march. let the fun begin , any hints.
tailifter - 2011-06-28 (reply)  Calves are the best cocksuckers, It is only natural for them to suck. . I too like them sucking my balls, they squeeze them as they suck
- 2011-07-28 (reply)  Simply fascinating, I allow to work on my balls and my tail also so.
- 2011-07-28 (reply)  Simply fascinating, I allow to work on my balls and my tail also so.
a - 2011-07-28 (reply)  Simply fascinating, I allow to work on my balls and my tail also so.
bobdog - 2011-08-10 (reply)  Back in the 70's I had a calf who sucked me of a couple hundred times. She was incredible. I surely wish I had her today.
- 2011-08-11 (reply)  leave your cock alone the caf will do fine
joyjuce - 2011-08-11 (reply)  leave your cock alone the caf will do fine
cowboyj - 2011-08-21 (reply)  I will trade a beautiful 7 mo. old black angus bull for a calf that likes to suck.
aa - 2011-10-10 (reply)  it's so exciting I'd love to do that !
tailifter - 2011-10-10 (reply)  oung calves have no teeth, so they cant bite you but they surely can suck
sathi - 2011-12-17 (reply)  I like to watch
sathi - 2011-12-18 (reply)  I like to see it
bobdog - 2011-12-21 (reply)  I never had a calf suck mym balls, but I had one who woul;d suck me off anytime I went to the barn and hung it out. She would come running and latch on and I'd be cumming within a half minute. I surely wish I had another like ole Cranberry.
nickname - 2013-04-17 (reply)  lovetoseecalfsuckdick

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