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hot chick abusing her pussy

comments: 148
published: 2007-07-07
rated: 3.92 (95 votes)
I'm almost starting to feel bad for Britney... we're observing a daily downward spiral to rock-bottom.  In todays chapter, you'll see photos of Britney attacking K-Fed's car when he refused to answer the door of his house.  KFed has custody and would not let the skin-head psycho Mary Poppins wannabe near her own children.

comments: 301
published: 2007-07-06
rated: 2.53 (32 votes)
Motorcyclist is killed when a guy ignores a red light.

comments: 132
published: 2007-07-06
rated: 3 (4 votes)
good girls here

comments: 110
published: 2007-07-05
rated: 3.83 (63 votes)
Couple of guys are pranking their fat boss.

comments: 49
published: 2007-07-05
rated: 3.44 (16 votes)
chick rides the e-brake and gear shifter.. then pisses all over the car.

comments: 1141
published: 2007-07-04
rated: 3.64 (166 votes)
This woman really has to go to the bathroom!

comments: 133
published: 2007-07-04
rated: 3.22 (54 votes)
Hope hes not left handed

comments: 303
published: 2007-07-03
rated: 2.75 (4 votes)
Anal action with a chick who is knocked out.

comments: 133
published: 2007-07-03
rated: 3.04 (51 votes)
John Stamos is drunk off his ass on an Australian TV show.

comments: 42
published: 2007-07-03
rated: 1.91 (11 votes)
This is one hell of a way to get out of work! (I was told this guy was a Marine and did this to get out of active duty)Some dude asks his buddy to break his leg for him.... That's what friends are for!

comments: 87
published: 2007-07-02
rated: 3.4 (15 votes)
some chick gets a cucumber shoved up her pussy in front of a crowd of cheering people

comments: 80
published: 2007-07-02
rated: 3.42 (26 votes)
tyra banks falls on her ass during her show

comments: 71
published: 2007-07-02
rated: 2.67 (6 votes)
some chick rips long sloppy farts.

comments: 47
published: 2007-07-01
rated: 4.86 (333 votes)
He thought that if he covered his head the other guy couldn\'t see him.

comments: 632
published: 2007-07-01
rated: 2.17 (6 votes)
best lesbian scene ever recorded!

comments: 108
published: 2007-06-29
rated: 3.84 (83 votes)
Michelle - an FTV (first time video) hottie uses a wine bottle to get herself off.

comments: 75
published: 2007-06-29
rated: 4.04 (72 votes)
shotgunning a beer while being zapped with a tazer = bad idea & spilled beer

comments: 39
published: 2007-06-28
rated: 4.1 (10 votes)
Guy is crushed to death in a car wash

comments: 283
published: 2007-06-28
rated: 3.75 (8 votes)
This post defines 'poor taste', but LordOdin in the UJ Forums made me do it!

comments: 862
published: 2007-06-28
rated: 3.76 (54 votes)
Girl getting eaten and playing with herself at the Kentucky Derby.

comments: 312
published: 2007-06-27
rated: 2.54 (24 votes)
Teen Czech dares to strip nude on subway train.

comments: 53
published: 2007-06-27
rated: 3.79 (19 votes)
I think I would punch a bitch who tried this

comments: 89
published: 2007-06-27
rated: 2.83 (6 votes)
Lowes delivery driver gets busted with a hooker. I cant believe he paid that fat cow $100. for sex.

comments: 508
published: 2007-06-26
rated: 2.83 (6 votes)
Girl sent me this ova msn! she is one fuckin hawt maltese girl!

comments: 168
published: 2007-06-26
rated: 4.13 (48 votes)
Home made sex tape that was leaked onto the net.

comments: 145
published: 2007-06-25
rated: 3.32 (53 votes)

comments: 690
published: 2007-06-25
rated: 2.93 (134 votes)
Be very brief & specific about the subject of the video.

comments: 52
published: 2007-06-22
rated: 3.95 (21 votes)
Guy jumps a ramp in a crappy car. Too bad he slowed down.

comments: 75
published: 2007-06-22
rated: 3 (13 votes)
How to build a ping pong ball gun. Its like a mini potato gun.

comments: 216
published: 2007-06-22
rated: 4.25 (4 votes)
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