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shamed by a 5 pound dog.

comments: 26
published: 2007-06-21
rated: 3 (3 votes)
Some jackass in a drag racing car smoked his tires at a 'Cars For Kids' charity event, then lost control and killed six people and injured 20 more when he mowed them all down.

comments: 120
published: 2007-06-21
rated: 2.88 (8 votes)
THIS IS A VIDEO OF THE GIRL WHO PLAYED LAURA WINSLOWS LITTLE SISTER ON THE T.V SHOW FAMILY MATTERS (SHOW WITH URKEL)  She got into porn after being on Family Matters (according to wikipedia, she did some lesbian and anal scenes too).

comments: 376
published: 2007-06-20
rated: 3.85 (27 votes)
The teacher is encouraging them

comments: 202
published: 2007-06-20
rated: 4.25 (4 votes)
Guy blows himself up. He gives a little lesson at the end.

comments: 268
published: 2007-06-19
rated: 1.5 (4 votes)
Guy oils up his hot girlfriends pussy on the beach

comments: 78
published: 2007-06-19
rated: 2.75 (32 votes)
Some dude shames his drunk girlfriend.

comments: 91
published: 2007-06-19
rated: 3.4 (25 votes)
Now this dude is pissed off over the Mexicans

comments: 809
published: 2007-06-19
rated: 4.29 (21 votes)
The camera man cries like a bitch when his friends roll a truck down a hill.

comments: 94
published: 2007-06-18
rated: 3.67 (3 votes)
Woman has a racial flowchart and some interesting categories

comments: 49
published: 2007-06-18
rated: 2.6 (5 votes)
Asses... nothing but asses.  Enjoy the gallery.

comments: 54
published: 2007-06-17
rated: 2.06 (17 votes)
This ass just aint right (yeah it is)

comments: 81
published: 2007-06-16
rated: 2.79 (19 votes)
Retarded Man is murdered with a baseball bat as part of a gang initiation.

comments: 172
published: 2007-06-16
rated: 2 (1 votes)
These girls give you a look up close in between their legs while they play with themselves!

comments: 229
published: 2007-06-16
rated: 3.43 (30 votes)
She is such an attention whore, and so are you!

comments: 108
published: 2007-06-16
rated: 2.4 (15 votes)
He is holding onto it with his other hand

comments: 113
published: 2007-06-15
rated: 3.4 (10 votes)
She tries to shoot a bottle rocket out her ass

comments: 73
published: 2007-06-15
rated: 3.67 (12 votes)
In case you were thinking about testing the 'no smoking policy' on an airplane... take it from Steve O that it's a bad idea.

comments: 487
published: 2007-06-14
rated: 3 (3 votes)
Let's all raise our glasses and give a toast to the great Heather.

comments: 132
published: 2007-06-14
rated: 4.16 (63 votes)
Asshole on a sport bike crashes into an innocent rider. The crash resulted in a fatality.

comments: 616
published: 2007-06-14
rated: 3 (4 votes)
this chick clearly doesn\'t have what it takes to be in the porn industry.

comments: 226
published: 2007-06-13
rated: 2.55 (139 votes)
these girls will never drown!

comments: 45
published: 2007-06-13
rated: 4.29 (7 votes)
Soft drink assaults on minimum wage workers

comments: 109
published: 2007-06-12
rated: 3.5 (4 votes)
Sharon Stone was caught by paparazzi while topless on a beach.  She looks pretty damn hot for a 49 year old grandmother.

comments: 249
published: 2007-06-12
rated: 2.69 (13 votes)
Spelling Bee winner has zero social skills

comments: 268
published: 2007-06-11
rated: 3.13 (8 votes)
Guy cant drive and destroys his Jeep

comments: 111
published: 2007-06-11
rated: 3.25 (4 votes)
Girl has own human vibrator

comments: 66
published: 2007-06-10
rated: 4.21 (47 votes)
This College chick fucks her dog in her dorm whenever she can.

comments: 424
published: 2007-06-08
rated: 3.47 (81 votes)
The crowd jeers a fat bitch riding a mechanical bull

comments: 67
published: 2007-06-08
rated: 2.5 (6 votes)
Violet has been a regular in the UJ Forums for a few years.  I hooked her up with a free t-shirt, and she returned the favor with some sexy photos.

comments: 90
published: 2007-06-08
rated: 2.28 (18 votes)
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