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hot chick serves herself.

comments: 242
published: 2007-06-08
rated: 3.58 (43 votes)
Hidden cam captures a gyno exam

comments: 126
published: 2007-06-07
rated: 2.47 (34 votes)
Slutty wife fucks a wine bottle after she finishes it

comments: 52
published: 2007-06-06
rated: 3.39 (31 votes)
an intruder has no rights once in your home illegally, right?

comments: 198
published: 2007-06-06
rated: 2.33 (39 votes)
A fan threw a frisbee at Akon, so Akon helped him onto the stage, then threw him back into the crowd.

comments: 203
published: 2007-06-06
rated: 1.8 (5 votes)
chick waters flowers with fluid from her ass.

comments: 61
published: 2007-06-05
rated: 3.15 (20 votes)
parents... please don\'t give your child Red Bull before show-time in the school musical.  The poor kid next to him looks like he just wants to get the hell out of this kids way before he snaps and starts stabbing everyone with scissors.

comments: 102
published: 2007-06-05
rated: 2.88 (8 votes)
Minor-league Mississippi Braves manager Phillip Wellman was ejected from this weekend after going totally insane.

comments: 51
published: 2007-06-05
rated: 3.08 (12 votes)
Oh this is funny!  a girl is walking in an abandoned pool in high heel platform shoes.  when she tries to exit the pool, she loses traction on the cement and slides into stagnant mud-water at the bottom of the pool area.  LOL!

comments: 43
published: 2007-06-03
rated: 2.73 (30 votes)
Crackhead gets punched by Quiznos manager.

comments: 140
published: 2007-06-01
rated: 3.73 (11 votes)
slow-motion compilation of chicks getting facials.

comments: 137
published: 2007-06-01
rated: 4 (81 votes)
Video of what occured on the night Lohan got her DUI.  Party is over honey!

comments: 96
published: 2007-06-01
rated: 2.18 (11 votes)
god bless all hotties who trust their boyfriends to keep private videos private!

comments: 299
published: 2007-05-31
rated: 3.75 (44 votes)
photo series of Corinna - a smokin hot naked blonde chick.

comments: 104
published: 2007-05-31
rated: 3 (21 votes)
Sexy girl with an amazing rack on a game show.

comments: 252
published: 2007-05-31
rated: 2.45 (20 votes)
In this porn blooper - porn hottie 'Spring Thomas' get's fired up when some dude nails her on the top of the head with a huge load of jizz. (WTF is up with her?  Cameron Diaz didn't mind it!)

comments: 100
published: 2007-05-30
rated: 4.3 (188 votes)
Down in Florida a class watches in horror as a Python devours a living rabbit. Since this incident the school has apologized to the parents and students.

comments: 321
published: 2007-05-29
rated: 3.46 (13 votes)
chick shoves tennis ball in the crack of her ass

comments: 72
published: 2007-05-29
rated: 2.16 (25 votes)
Miss USA, Rachel Smith, slips and falls during the evening gown competition at the Miss Universe pageant in Mexico City on May 28, 2007

comments: 99
published: 2007-05-29
rated: 3.33 (9 votes)
Guy drifting on a bicycle

comments: 55
published: 2007-05-29
rated: 2.67 (15 votes)

comments: 122
published: 2007-05-28
rated: 1.91 (23 votes)
I guess he wasn\'t expecting that

comments: 49
published: 2007-05-28
rated: 3.56 (9 votes)
Two homeless dudes get into it.

comments: 64
published: 2007-05-26
rated: 2.86 (14 votes)
These are the final few seconds of Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes life before she wrecks her SUV and dies.  She wasn't wearing her seatbelt.

comments: 414
published: 2007-05-26
rated: 5 (1 votes)
Ouch... some dude gets towed behind a car. Who thinks up these things?

comments: 43
published: 2007-05-25
rated: 2.5 (4 votes)
German girls sure know how to get the job done

comments: 69
published: 2007-05-25
rated: 4.54 (83 votes)
He pisses his pants for fun

comments: 48
published: 2007-05-25
rated: 1 (1 votes)
a group of squirt-gifted chicks give a happy girl a female bukakke party

comments: 145
published: 2007-05-24
rated: 4.11 (270 votes)
This chick is a fucking idiot.

comments: 100
published: 2007-05-24
rated: 3.86 (7 votes)
Black dude goes crazy on Screech.

comments: 489
published: 2007-05-23
rated: 3.13 (8 votes)
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