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A paparazzi got a shot up Paris' skirt.  Her snatch looks like the belly of a rottweiler, and her fingernails look like they've been gnawed on by a swarm of locusts.

comments: 152
published: 2006-07-11
rated: 3.43 (103 votes)
I hate chicks like this.  Some bitter skank freaks out when a dude gives her a tap on the ass.  I'll bet she cried to her friends all night about being assaulted.

comments: 49
published: 2006-07-10
rated: 2 (11 votes)
Retiring after the World Cup final, Zidane - the French captain when out with a bang and dropped a kick-ass head-butt... and scored a red card... gangsta style.

comments: 177
published: 2006-07-10
rated: 3.39 (23 votes)
Elmo is a little playa and kermit is about to go gangsta on his ass.  Very funny muppet voice mail video.

comments: 94
published: 2006-07-09
rated: 4.33 (9 votes)
Homer simpson cuts lose with extreme sports, drugs, and cheap whores... he's an inspiration to all of us.

comments: 41
published: 2006-07-08
rated: 3.29 (14 votes)
chicks from the audiance go nuts on Jerry Springer and rip off all their clothes, then do some girl-on-girl.  Rumor has it that one of the chicks is bikini model Next Door Nikki.

comments: 245
published: 2006-07-08
rated: 3.79 (29 votes)
Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes when a hottie with a huge rack makes a UJ Fansign and shows you useless fucks some love?

comments: 48
published: 2006-07-07
rated: 3.08 (12 votes)
Lohan is back, and so is her rack!  Looks like she's been feeding the puppies... or got some fake breasts.

comments: 70
published: 2006-07-07
rated: 2.16 (19 votes)
I'll bet that anyone in the lineup was more than happy to let this piece of ass drop in on their wave! (props to Gutterpuppy for the swagster upload)

comments: 54
published: 2006-07-06
rated: 3.5 (28 votes)
rudi giuliani goes shopping in drag, and donald trump hunts him down and goes in for the score.  (from the Mayor's press roast 2000)

comments: 16
published: 2006-07-06
rated: 1 (1 votes)
Awesome clip of Jessica Simpson suggesting a 'lesbian sex party' with Jackie and Donna on that 70's show.  Party on Jess!

comments: 27
published: 2006-07-06
rated: 2.26 (19 votes)
Who would have ever guessed that Israel spawned hot chicks?  This one is dumber than Paris Hilton... watch and see for yourself!.

comments: 221
published: 2006-07-05
rated: 2.4 (15 votes)
Ok... I received about 40 emails informing me that the Columbine video posted today was from a new movie 'Zero Hour'.  I also received this video... which is supposed to be the real deal... you be the judge!

comments: 113
published: 2006-07-04
rated: 2.5 (4 votes)
short clip of some Cirque du Soleil freaks getting owned when they fall from a suspended metal frame.

comments: 28
published: 2006-07-04
rated: 5 (1 votes)
UJ Fireworks tip 'O the day... if you are going to play with explosives, please video the action so all laugh at the expression on your face when you detach your fingers from your hand.

comments: 16
published: 2006-07-03
rated: 2 (6 votes)
Very disturbing clip of the Columbine Massacre.  The school surveillance cameras even caught Eric and Dillan eating lead in the end.

comments: 134
published: 2006-07-03
rated: 3.64 (25 votes)

comments: 17
published: 2006-07-02
rated: 3 (1 votes)
This is the kind of party trick that works better than malt liquor!  - you'll get laid every time.

comments: 61
published: 2006-07-02
rated: 4.75 (4 votes)

comments: 35
published: 2006-07-01
rated: 4 (5 votes)
funny 'hidden cam' segment with a hot chick in a slim bikini fucking with people at a gas station.

comments: 12
published: 2006-07-01
rated: 3.13 (15 votes)
Blondes love baseball bat day at Yankee stadium!  this one took hers and rammed 14 inches of it up her snatch!

comments: 58
published: 2006-06-30
rated: 3.19 (32 votes)
Britney Spears posed nude for Harper's Bazaar Magazine in their July 25th issue.  The cover was released for publicity as well as some preview images.

comments: 170
published: 2006-06-30
rated: 2.06 (18 votes)
We've all seen the photos of this, but here's the Paris Hilton Nip-Slip from the shooting of her UB40 re-mix song - Stars Are Blind.

comments: 43
published: 2006-06-29
rated: 2.31 (13 votes)

comments: 41
published: 2006-06-28
rated: 2.75 (4 votes)
I'm sure these bouncers were being dicks, but that's no reason to stab them when you're denied access to a crappy club.

comments: 42
published: 2006-06-28
rated: 3.4 (5 votes)
Keira Knightley has some great little tits.  White shirt + ocean water... add a paparazzi, and we have some entertainment!

comments: 58
published: 2006-06-28
rated: 2.75 (8 votes)
I love this video!  Awesome clip of a dude in Iraq doing donuts on a bike.

comments: 48
published: 2006-06-28
rated: 3.77 (13 votes)
short clip of a chick with a HUGE fake rack and some impressive control over her assets.

comments: 25
published: 2006-06-28
rated: 3.67 (12 votes)
Chick seeking revenge wants to fuck you - if you have what it takes. (got news for you honey... you're not THAT hot!)

comments: 83
published: 2006-06-27
rated: 2.54 (13 votes)
Some hottie on a Spanish speaking TV program slips the nip.  Very brief, but very nice set of cans!

comments: 34
published: 2006-06-27
rated: 3 (13 votes)
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